FROM AS LITTLE AS £100 per person! treat yourself to a UK road Tour.
A visit to all the major London attractions, or a road tour of all the Sussex Vineyards & Wineries.
UNLIMITED MILEAGE (time permitting)
STOP & START your Tour whenever you want.
NO LONDON CONJESTION CHARGES (Telsa's are 100% EV) unlike dirty London Buses and Taxis Tesla helps to keep the air we breath pollution free.
Complimentary Water, Newspapers and Chocolate Treats
TESLA TOURS are forging links with Local tourist attractions and can offer perks and treats that you may otherwise not get.
(If you are a local business and want to partner with us we are happy to link your business in return for discounts or special treats you can offer our guests)
Example Tours:
1. Jurassic Tour
Starting in Brighton 8.00 am your tour will commence we will collect you in your very own chauffeured Tesla. We will take you along the scenic route showing you all the beauty Sussex and West Sussex has to offer. You will be able to soak up the gorgeous splendor of the South Downs through the panoramic full glass roof of the Tesla.  Then stop at the fabulous 6000 Acre Wiston Estate for a Tour of the Winery. Or maybe you prefer the idea of The Goodwood Estate with its motor sport heritage.
Then on to Portsmouth and Southampton for a history lesson and maybe a bit of shopping. Before pushing on to the New Forrest to see the unique flora and forna this part of England has to offer. Then finally on to the Jurassic Coast and maybe fresh oysters in Swanage seafront.
Before heading back loaded with incredible memories and keepsakes you acquire along the way.
All while your Tesla Tour Guide navigates the incredible Tesla to bring you back safely and refreshed. (Its not uncommon for guests to take a quick nap on a return from a Tour like this)
Return 7pm
Duration 11 Hours
From £125.00 per person based on 4-6 people (minimum 2 people at £200 per person)  
2. Brighton to London
Start 8.00 am arrive Central London 9.00am
Sightseeing throughout London
Buckingham Palace
The River Thames
The London Eye
The Tower of London
ect ect
Return 6pm
Duration 10 Hours
From £110 per person based on 4-6 people (minimum 2 people at £190.00 per person)
3. Sussex Country Estates
Depart Brighton 8.00 am 
Wiston Estate
Wakehurst Place
Firle, Glynde and Glyndebourne
Return 5pm 
Duration 9 Hours
From £100 per person based on 4-6 people (minimum 2 people at £180 per person)
Cost to book a chauffeured tesla for an entire day 8 hours £450.00
Half day 4 Hours £250.00
Ride sharing can reduce the cost if for example two couples are happy to join the tours.